Product sales and high-level customized services

As your trusted IT partner, Top Global IT service has years of experience in purchasing, maintaining and managing  IT equipments.

After years of development, we have established close cooperation relationship with major brand suppliers and distributors; we can recommend the most cost-effective products to meet your business needs.  At present, we sell the products are:

1.IT infrastructure products

We know that good infrastructure is the key to the success of enterprise or IT projects. At present, the products on the market are fake and rampant. Therefore, we cooperate with our equipment suppliers AMP, Sanbao, HP, Da tang , Cisco , Huawei and other well-known enterprises to provide customers with high-quality network and telephone cables, network and telephone modules, cable management planes, patch panels, standard cabinets, trunk switching equipment, switches, firewalls, routers and other infrastructure products.

2. Internet access services  (ISP service )

We have good cooperation with China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, Broadband , Great Wall Broadband, Founder Broadband and other Internet access providers to help personal and corporate customers access a variety of Internet products, including optical fiber line.

3. PC equipment and mobile hardware devices

PC equipment and a variety of hardware facilities is an important part of IT projects, we work closely with our major equipment suppliers, can provide customers with a variety of brands including but not limited to DELL, HP, APPLE, Lenovo, IBM, Asus, Samsung and other manufacturers of various types of PC equipment, printing copy equipment, mobile office equipment, server equipment and other hardware equipment.

4. Software procurement

With the enhancement of people's awareness of intellectual property rights, more and more aware of the importance of software copyright, we and our software suppliers can purchase all kinds of genuine operating software, professional software, and application software, some foreign language scarcity Niche software, if you need to buy, you can always tell us that we can arrange for procurement agents.

5. Satellite TV box

This service is mainly aimed at expatriates living in China. It is difficult for foreigners to receive or access  foreign  TV programs due to policy reasons. We and our suppliers have introduced satellite TV boxes which can basically meet the needs of expatriates. Such satellite TV Box need to have fast network access (fiber access ? 20Mbps ?Network cable )  about 300 sets of domestic and foreign, Hong Kong and Taiwan high-definition TV channels, the English channel is probably between 60-80 , Very suitable for foreigners in need.

6. Creative IT gift customization

IT gifts have always been the darling of the gift market, and now the market a wide variety of IT gifts, but sometimes difficult to meet customer needs, customers or to express their sincerity, or to promote the needs of products and brands, the need for personalized Products, we and our partners for this customer demand, launched IT gift customization services, from the U disk, mobile hard drives, mouse, mouse pad, and other IT creative gifts everything.