On-site service

Specialized on-site technical support in English and Chinese. First service, after the charges ?The cost of the necessary accessories is calculated separately).

On-site service means that in the absence of IT maintenance contracts, technical support will be time-based charges. In short, if you need IT-related projects, office relocation, or home IT equipment failure. Please feel free to contact us and inform the equipment of the failure. You will get professional services in due time.

This service is particularly suitable for individuals who have not signed IT maintenance contracts and small & medium-sized companies.

Regardless of whether you sign an IT maintenance contract, the IT support we provide will include at least the following services:
� Remote and phone technical support
� E-mail support and design
� On-site professional services for engineers
� Optimize hardware and software performance
� Remove viruses, spyware, and illegal software
� System and application software and professional software installation upgrade and operation   and maintenance (copyright require provided by the customer)
� IT troubleshooting
� Data backup and protection