Outsourcing Service

Why You Need IT Outsourcing Services:

With the rapid development of IT technology, the increasing complexity of IT professionals and the increasing application of IT, the difficulty and cost of IT systems are increasing, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, lack of funds, numerous projects,  and lack of professional maintenance personnel. Outsourcing is an effective approach to this challenge.

TOP Global IT Service is a professional outsourcing solutions provider with complete service solutions, as long as you spend a small amount of costs, you can enjoy the professional maintenance services, in the shortest time, to ensure the normal operation of your IT equipments.

Through our professional outsourcing services you will get a lot of benefits:

1, saving staff costs

2, improve the management level

3, access to security

4, get IT system expert advice

5, be bilingual in English support and efficient service

6, you will have more time to focus on core business

Over the years in Beijing  we has established a sound marketing and service network for individual customers and small and medium enterprises to provide all kinds of high-quality IT products and efficient professional IT services. From IT hardware to related support services, all reflect the size and professionalism of the company.

We offer a combination of the following three types of services to ensure the efficient operation of your IT system:

Regular technical inspections to avoid major problems

Emergency field support with response time support

Remote technical support & Telephone guide

Mail support

The maintenance services we provide include at least the following:

Optimize hardware and software performance

Risk and safety assessment

Network Intrusion Detection

Anti-virus services and removal of spyware

Installation and maintenance of systems or other software

IT troubleshooting

Data protection and backup

Notes: Our service levels and service content may change as the customer's actual needs change